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Shop without
spending money

The Shareitt platform makes it fun and easy to exchange second-hand used or new items.

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Save Money

Instead of buying new items, exchange items without spending money


Conserve Resources

Items that you're no longer using become valuable goods


Protect the Environment

Recycling and reusing items creates a healthy environment, protects our planet and makes the world a better place


Social Commerce and the Economy

Your item creates value for the whole community - everyone profits!

Second-Hand Marketplace

You don't need money to go shopping

Upload as Many Items as You Wish

We all have items we're no longer using or don't need. Books we've finished reading, toys our children have outgrown, clothes that no longer fit, etc. Shareitt lets us exchange these for items we can use.


Setting the Value of an Item

Each item has a value – or set cost in the 'real world.' At Shareitt we define the value of each item in points -- according to its current condition. The goal is clear – create fairness and shared profitability for all users.

Exchanging items for points, and points for items

Trading items on Shareitt is easy and fun. The items you upload may be transferred to interested users and the points you earn may be used to request and exchange items with other users.



You can find almost anything here!

Upload, exchange, and save

The numbers tell it all

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Users' Reviews

Shir Danieli, Tel Aviv

I recently realized that I am a minimalist at heart. I don't like having clutter at home and just stopped buying new things. It's great to discover a new app with an incredible vision that is constantly working to improve itself!

Pnina Goldberg, Rosh Ha'ayin

I happened upon Shareitt and really fell in love with the concept. I have tons of things I'd like to get rid of. At the same time I find great items for my grandchildren!

Tamar Orpaz, Harish

I would always give stuff away and then just buy new things. Now, instead of buying online, I "shop" with Shareitt. The app meets my shopping needs, I don't spend money, waste less and recycle more.

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