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You don't need money to go shopping!

Visit the only marketplace in Israel where you pay with points

Points instead of money

Shareitt points drive the platform. Use points to receive items from other users, offer your uploaded items in exchange for points. The real world value of each point is about one shekel. If an item you uploaded was originally purchased for 50 shekels, on the Shareitt marketplace its value will be up to 50 points, according to its present condition (new, unused, used, etc.).

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So many gifts!

When you register, each user is awarded with 100 points as a welcome gift so that you may enjoy the experience on your first visit. In order to earn Shareitt points, we recommended uploading and offering as many items as possible to other users. Another way to earn points is by redeeming gifts received for your actions on the platform: uploading items, giving, exchanging, granting wishes, inviting friends, and more.

A new collaborative economy

At Shareitt, we believe in a collaborative economy in which the individual gives to the community, the community creates value for the individual, and everyone benefits. Hundreds of communal platforms have been created in different fields in recent years. Shareitt users participate in social commerce by exchanging items for points and create a new collaborative economy together.

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