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Commerce is social, and so is delivery!

Thousands of users deliver items to one another, for themselves and for others


A variety of delivery options make the physical exchange of items as simple as possible. The most popular option is pick-up - by the user who wants the item from the user who is offering the item. The two coordinate via private chat, which allows them to choose the most convenient alternative.

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Shareitt Couriers

When choosing an item, an important consideration is the other user's location. That's why we developed the Shareitt courier system: couriers move items from place to place, on pre-defined routes, in exchange for Shareitt points. The courier option is listed on the item page as part of the item description and is currently available for vetted users only.

External Delivery Services

The Shareitt platform also provides access to conventional delivery services at an additional cost - in shekels, not points. When you chose this option, you will be referred to the applicable service.

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