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About Us

Shareitt is a unique social e-commerce platform that lets you exchange second hand used or new items easily and have fun at the same time. At Shareitt we want you to be able to reuse, exchange and benefit from those items that you're no longer using, earn Shareitt points and receive the items you want from other users.

If you're here, you've already succeeded in overcoming the first obstacle – downloading the app. After a short (optional) registration process, you may begin looking for items that interest you in the different categories. At the same time, you may upload items for exchange, receive items from other users (if you've registered, we've already awarded you with a welcome gift of Shareitt points), make wishes come true and more. Once you start, it's easy to use.

How do I start using Shareitt?

Great question. Shareitt allows you on the one hand to get items without spending money. On the other hand, it allows you to turn the items you are not using into real value. If you really want to know, then when you use Shareitt you also support your and other users economic well-being, make our society better and at the same time preserve the planet by utilising existing surplus for a healthier environment.

Why should I use Shareitt?

About Us

What are Shareitt Points?

Shareitt points are the engine that drives our platform. Like an actual currency, they are used to price the value of the items you upload for exchange or receive from other users. It's pretty simple, use the points as you would use shekels. Just remember that Shareitt points aren't real money.

In order to get Shareitt points, you just need to use the app – that is, exchange and receive items. There are two main ways to earn points: First, from other users – the more good quality items you upload and exchange, the more points you can accumulate. And second, from Shareitt – look for the Gift icon at the top of the screen and check out how many gifts you'll receive.

How can I earn Shareitt Points?

Can you tell me more about Shareitt Gifts?

The gifts we give you are based on your platform usage. We encourage you to upload as many quality items as you can, exchange and receive items, share the app with friends and grant wishes. We're sure you'll be happy with each gift you get!

Shareitt Points

How do I upload an item?

By clicking + on the bottom toolbar, you'll reach the Upload Items Page where you can find instructions for uploading an item as well as all the information you should provide about the item. It's important to describe your item in as much detail as possible, put it in the right category, note its real world monetary value and tell users how they can collect the item. Don't forget to click the Upload Item button when you're done.

Do I have to upload a picture of my item?

Yes. We recommend taking the best picture or pictures you can. The better and more authentic the picture, the better your chance of selling the item. Take the picture yourself rather than using one from the internet. Make sure the lighting is good and the background is plain – a white background is best – and take pictures from different angles. For more picture taking recommendations, please see Home Page.

How can I exchange an item?

After you've successfully uploaded an item, other users can ask to buy it. You'll get a message with a request to receive the item which you can approve by clicking on the Approve button in the chat with the buyer.

Give an Item

How can I receive an item?

Enter our Marketplace from the bottom toolbar. Once you've chosen an item you'd like, click on it in order to reach the Item Page. On the item page, click Request Item. Have a question for the user offeing the item? Next to the Request Item button, you can enter into a chat with the user and ask specific questions about the item. Once the user has approved your request, Shareitt points are automatically transferred from your wallet to their wallet. Once you've received the item, click the Confirm Item Receipt button in the chat or under Receiving Items on your User Page.

I like a certain item, so I clicked the Heart icon. What does this mean?

Clicking the Heart icon marks an item as liked. You can filter and see any items you like under My Preferences and save them for later.

How do I search for a specific item or filter items?

On the top left side of the Marketplace Page, there's a magnifying glass you can use to search for an item by keyword. Just under the magnifying glass, you can filter items by price range, distance from you, discount items, friends you follow and more categories.

Receive an Item

What's a Wish?

In the same way you upload an item to offer for exchange, you can also upload a wish for an item you're interested in receiving. Someone may see your wish on the Wish Page and try to grant it. You can reach the Wishes Page from Home Page.

How do I upload a wish?

After clicking the + button, pick Wish and add a description of the item you're interested in receiving (see the rules for uploading a wish on this page). Don't forget to click Confirm when you're done.

How can I grant someone's wish?

Choose a wish from the Wishes Page (which you can reach though Home Page) and click the blue Granting a Wish button. Now fill in the details on the item you'd like to offer in return for points and click the Confirm button.

Who can see the wish item I'm offering?

Only the person who made the wish can see the item you uploaded.


How can I share Shareitt with my friends?

Go to Home Page, where you'll find a link you can use to invite friends. You earn Shareitt points for each new member you bring in! For each new member who exchanges an item, you'll earn more point.

Invite Friends

How does delivery or collection of items work?

Shareitt users transfer items to one another in a number of ways:
The first is pick-up - simple and convenient, coordinated between the two users.
Another option is conventional delivery services such as post and parcel lockers (like Boxit) - at an actual shekel cost, also coordinated between the two users.
A third option is through other Shareitt users! These users act as person to person couriers and help deliver items in return for Shareitt points. For more information on this option, please see FAQs on Shareitt Person to Person Couriers.

I bought an item, how do I know if delivery will cost me extra points?

Delivery options for each item are listed on the Item Page – either using Shareitt points or by pick-up, at no extra cost.

How many points does a Shareitt person to person courier cost?

There are two types of person to person couriers:
Shareitt storage couriers store items for you until you pick them up for 5 Shareitt points;
Shareitt transport couriers transport items at a cost of 10 Shareitt points per 'delivery stage'.

The total delivery cost for an item to a certain destination will appear on the Item Page map. For example, if the delivery of an item to an address close to you involves one storage courier and 2 transport couriers, the total cost will be 25 Shareitt points.

How do I transfer Shareitt points for person to person delivery?

When the item is transferred from the user to the courier and each time it is transferred from one courier to another, you'll receive a link to pay for a 'delivery stage' from the courier. Click each link to pay for delivery costs for the desired destination.

I'd like to be a Shareitt person to person courier too, how can I start?

Please contact us via chat. We'd be happy to provide further information!


What is Shareitt person to person delivery?

Shareitt person to person delivery is a community method to move items from one user to another. Certain users act as person to person couriers and move items from the user offering the item to various collection points in exchange for points.

How does it work?

Once the item has been exchanged and the collection point has been selected by the user receiving the item, the user offering the item sends the item and the receiver's details to the person to person courier. The courier then sends the receiver a link to pay for delivery and coordinates the tranfser of the item to them. If more than one courier is required to transfer the item (i.e. more than one delivery stage), the receiver will get a link from each person to person courier involved.

Where can I find the collection points?

On the Item Page, you can open the map and see all the collection points - pick up and/or by person to person couriers (at an additional points cost). Once you've found a suitable collection point, coordinate delivery with the user offering the item.

What's the cost in Shareitt points?

There are two types of person to person couriers: Shareitt storage couriers who store items until pick-up at a cost of 5 Shareitt points and Shareitt transport couriers who transport items at a cost of 10 Shareitt points per 'delivery stage'.The total delivery cost for an item to a certain destination will appear on the Item Page map.

How do I transfer Shareitt points for person to person delivery?

Once the item has been transferred from the user offering the item to the courier or from one courier to another, you'll receive a link from the courier to pay for storage or the 'delivery stage'. Click on the link to pay for storage or the delivery stage in points. It's important to save points for this purpose.

Can I transport items via Shareitt person to person couriers too?

In order to participate in the Sharitt person to person courier pilot, contact us via chat and we'll be happy to tell you more.


What are Endorsements?

On each user's profile there's an Endorsements section - where you can find recommendations made by users with verified accounts, according to various criteria: availability, pricing, quality, reliability, item supply, efficiency, friendliness.

Where can I see endorsements for a specific user?

Click the endorsements button on the user's profile page in order to see the endorsements in the different categories.

How can I give endorsements?

If you're account is verified, you can provide other users with endorsements. For more information see "Verified Accounts" in the FAQ section.


What's a Verified Account?

A Verified Account is an account that meets various Shareitt criteria - with the goal of improving the item exchange experience. The "Verified Account" badge on a user's profile page encourages other users to receive items from or exchange items with that user. Only verified users can provide other users with endorsements.

Where can I see if a certain user's account is verified?

The Verified Account badge appears on the user's profile page.

How can I get my account verified?

Your account is automatically verified once you reach the following benchmarks: two months on the app, fifty different item transfers to at least 10 people and endorsements from three verified users.

Once your account has undergone review, it will automatically be invalidated. In order to request a renewed review of your account, please contact us at: … We will accept requests for renewed review once per account - at least two months after the original review date.

My account was reviewed. Can I still get it verified?

Verified Account
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