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Dreams can come true

Find hundreds of wishes waiting to be granted Make your own wish

Anyone can request an item

Part of the Shareitt experience is requesting items that are not currently on the marketplace. That's why we developed the Wishes system which allows each and every user to upload a wish and spread the word. If another user has the item you're looking for, he/she can grant your wish in exchange for Shareitt points.

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The endless world of wishes

Shareitt's Wishes page lists hundreds of wishes at any given moment. Users may search wishes to see if an item he/she has uploaded is on someone else's wish list. The Wishes page may be accessed through a banner on Home page.

Search, find, and grant a Wish!

It's easy to grant someone's wish. If you have the wished-for item, add it to the marketplace, and then select the item's condition, delivery options, and value in Shareitt points. The user who made the wish may then choose whether to approve the item.

Eng_Wishes_1 – 1.png
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